My name is Maggie and my journey to find Keto was a long one. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression as long as I can remember. What pushed me over the edge was my postpartum experience after I had my son. I spent 8 months trying to stop the feeling in my body of being pushed off a building. The anxiety was all-encompassing. After multiple medications and ultimately landing on an antipsychotic medication, I knew something had to change. The trouble was that western medicine had failed me and I felt hopeless. My one last option was a holistic chiropractor who helped me change everything.

Through his combination of nutritional supplements, energy work and dietary change, my life transformed. Within 2 weeks of eliminating sugar I felt the fog lift and I could take a deep breath again. He recommended a diet high in fat and explained that I had an extreme sensitivity to sugar. I started Keto in February of 2017 and I haven’t looked back.

My reason for staying Keto is simple; my mental health takes an immediate dive when I’m not following a Ketogenic diet. Yes I had a lot of weight to lose (down 45lbs so far), but weight loss is just a side effect. I have found my life again; my drive, my passion, euphoria, all by changing what I ate. I had no idea it was the cornerstone of the issues I suffered my whole life. I may as well have an allergy to sugar, because my body does NOT like it.

It doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, after a few weeks it gets easy. You lose all cravings for sugar and carbs and you feel like Superman. This site was created to help you live a lowcarb/Keto life easily and to truly make it a way of life, not a diet. It’s my place to continue my journey and support you on yours. Please message me with questions or how I can provide more value to you on your journey.